Wood kiln heater

This is a heater I repurposed for a friend. He converted an old chest freezer into a kiln to dry bowl blanks. The space heater he was using died, so he bought this fan/heater combo used in electric fireplaces. I built the enclosure from scraps and added the power cords.


Some how that amuses me that an imitation wood fire is drying actual wood that we don’t want to burn.

So how hot does it need to get and how long? 100c?


@james.a.seymour YES! I love the irony there!

I’m not sure how hot he gets it, but it was hot enough to melt the plastic housing on the little heater he had in there before. It has to get hot enough to kill any wee beasties who may have taken up residence in the wood chunks. I know he can operate and monitor through an app on his phone.
Also, its just the resistive heater and squirrel-cage fan. Heater portion is 1300W and gets quite warm.