Wild Apricot Subscription Email

Is this company just trying to rasie revieue or is this an end around our Board. Or are they using the info from MakeICT and other organizations to build a mailing list etc.

John Nicholas

Are you talking about the email with the subject “You have until May 15 to keep your current price” that went out this morning? Not sure what you are asking.

Yes! Is it something I have to deal with (pay for) as part of MakeICT? AND what if I don’t pay for it?

Or are they using info provided to MakeICT they are entitled to, (User agreements).

Or are they using info Provided to MakeICT they are not entitled to?


There is nothing that you have to pay. That is just a reminder that Wild Apricot is (again) raising the price that we pay for using the platform. It only went out to people who have any type of admin role on our Wild Apricot account (you have the Event Administrator role for scheduling purposes). It is not about anything that individual members have to pay, just the price we pay as an organization.

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OK! Explains why I didn’t get this last year. JN