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I did a bunch of work in the metal shop recently, and looking for answers to some specific things I realized there was a bunch of information missing from the wiki that would be very helpful. I don’t know the answers to them (which is why I was looking at the wiki), but if someone can give me the answers, then I can make the wiki updates.

Metal Shop Lead

Simple, just needs to be changed to @rustin.atkeisson



No questions, I’m just going to add an approved materials section under “Rules” to specify that:

  • Aluminum is approved
  • Graphite, carbon fiber, and fiberglass cannot be machined due to mess and hazardous dust.
  • Other materials (plastics, steel, etc.) can be machined by approved members who demonstrate Tormach proficiency on aluminum.

Craftsman lathe

Loaner from @barb, needs a loaner tool wiki page. Loaner tool pages are supposed to include:

  • Contact information for the owner
  • Care, use, precautions, and training options.

TIG welder

Just needs added to equipment list on main page and manual uploaded.


This needs to be updated because I don’t think the compressor on the wiki is the one currently in use. The link to the manual needs to be moved to the manual column, and a page created for the compressor to lay out proper maintenance.

  • When should the main water trap be emptied? (I believe every time it’s powered on/every day is what I was taught in the initial metalshop authorization.)
  • What about the water traps along the air line?
  • When should the compressor be powered off, and what is the procedure for that? ( I believe that it is powered off as soon as you are done if no one else is using it, and the power is turned off as well as the main valve closed)

Abrasive blast cabinet

Page should be added. This is a loaner from Zac and should have loaner info on wiki page.

  • What media is used in the blast cabinet?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining media? Can members refill or just the leads?
  • When should media be refilled?
  • If a different media is needed by a member, can they empty it and use their own, or must it be kept at only the current media?

Horizontal band saw

Needs page created

  • What blades are used?
  • Who replaces blades?
  • When do blades need to be replaced?
  • What coolant is used?
  • When should coolant be used/checked?
  • What is expected for cleanup after use?

Chop saw

According to the tool loan list this is a loaner from @tom.bloom and needs a wiki page outlining care, use, precautions, and training options

Drill press

Same as chop saw, loaner from @tom.bloom. Needs same kind of wiki page.

Disc sander

Needs to be added to the list on the main page as well as a page created

  • What discs does it take?
  • When do the discs need to be replaced?
  • Can members replace the discs, and if so where are the replacements stored?
  • If members can replace the discs, what’s the process for replacement?

Belt sander

Needs to be added to the list on the main page as well as a page created

  • What belts does it take?
  • When do the belts need to be replaced?
  • Can members replace the belts, and if so where are the replacements stored?
  • If members can replace the belts, what’s the process for replacement?


  • Do we still have the belt file and tumbler? If not, they should be removed from the list
  • Add the powder coat cabinet, pipe bender, and small vertical band saw to the equipment list.

Thanks for looking into these things. When we move over to the new space, the hope is to inventory all of our things as they move. With this will likely come updating the wiki with these types of things. We need helpers to be tackle this!

I’d rather not wait months if there’s anybody with a couple minutes to answer any of these questions now. The move is going to be enough work as it is without adding wiki updates to it.

If anybody knows these answers, I can do the wiki updates if you let me know here, or you can update the wiki directly.

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@SamSchurter, IIRC, we bought that cabinet. I can go through the payment records, but I’m pretty sure @heathenfire79 can confirm. It seems like I got it about the time he became Lead. Dunno if Zac is on the forums, but if so, what about it, Zac?

moving to general category and created tag “update needed”

Reasoning that almost all the wiki topics that are to do with “areas” are going to need similar updates.

Man I know ERP does. But this is a great reminder that the Wiki is the fountain of knowledge for MakeICT and should be kept up. I may have to just schedule wiki time lol!

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I tried to have Wiki Day in October of 2018, I’d be happy to try again, if others are up to it.

I like doing wiki updates between other things, while sitting at home. Fewer interruptions, and no one looking over my shoulder.

A Wiki day may be good starting with a class so that any one unsure how to get started could get a little confidence on test pages before tackling the actual pages we use. One drawback would be that you don’t want two or more people modifying any particular page at the same time.

I ALWAYS emphasize that no matter how bad you mess up an edit in a wiki, reverting back is super easy.

Make changes a section at a time then re-read (I do this out loud) to see if it makes sense.

Reorganizing the structure is another animal altogether, and requires a plan or outline (on paper is how I do it) and can bother more people than editing or adding pages.

Mike B


A class for writing WIKI entries would be great. Watching the minutes being entered at Board Meetings, has been a very interesting process.

There also needs to be some learning of the Discussion Pages on our WIKI and how those are used.

There are probably other things to cover as well. Perhaps toward the middle or end of February as the work a 5920 starts to slow, and the moving process is picking up.


Yes, @kim taught a class a couple of years ago that helped me get the ball rolling. I guess a class might be better than a Wiki Day. My vision of Wiki Day was more of a group effort to find mistakes and time to find assistance with editing things you don’t totally understand how to edit.

Hey Sam! Where are you seeing that a tool on loan needs its own wiki page? Per the policy, they just need added to the linked spreadsheet:

As far as the spreadsheet goes, it does not seem to include many items that are listed on various wiki pages for the areas they are (or were) located.

Many of the entries are incomplete. Some items have been returned to the owner without that being documented. Others have such vague descriptions that it is not clear what exact item is on loan. (Lg workbench, cabinet, etc)

During the move it might be feasible to do an inventory of large or valuable items to clarify what we own, what is on loan, what was donated, and what was purchased.

Mike B

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@jameslancaster is working on a QR code inventory tracking system so we can inventory and keep track of those things.


Needed. Awesome. Thank you James.


@kim Under the General section it lists that there needs to be a link on the machine itself to the wiki outlining care, use, precautions, and training options for use of the tool. I assume that is not referring to the Tool Loan Policy page but to a page for the specific piece of equipment. I think for a lot of tools that’s probably overkill and a link to the spreadsheet listing the owner is enough, but for the 3 I listed as probably needing pages I think it’s justified as they are either significant tools (the lathe) or require consumables/general maintenance (blast cabinet, chop saw).

I think a wiki day would be good if we can arrange the time and volunteers, but I’m usually with @mikeb that I do wiki edits a little at a time, often not from the space at all.

If we do a wiki day I think that a good structure would be to start with a quick class and then split into teams by area with a designated scribe so two people aren’t trying to edit the same page at once.

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Ah. I’d interpret that to mean the information can be anyplace on the wiki, on the area page itself or its own page - either way I am all for writing stuff down.

Area leads are point people for their wiki pages, if you have a question shoot an email to the area lead, he/she might be able to point you in the right direction to help with research and add what you learn to the wiki. In this case I know a lot of those questions are about metalshop. Rustin is the metalshop lead, he’s also doing more work towards the new building coordination than most people so he might not have time to chase down answers right now but I bet he’ll at least get back to you on how you can help.

The main purpose of the tools on loan spreadsheet is that we were really afraid of accidentally selling a tool we didn’t own. OR someone walking in and randomly claiming that a tool belongs to them but the area lead has no idea and can’t verify whether they’re making it up.

I agree it’s not working perfectly. I like the idea of a QR code inventory system, and more clear labels on tools themselves that I can decode at a glance… is it on loan, donated, or purchased? who donated it? can anyone use it or is authorization required? what’s it called if I want to look up its wiki page? what area does it belong to?

I’m happy to have another wiki help session if people want it, but half the battle is just logging in and making yourself do it and practicing.

If I held a session, who’d be interested?

I hear that Kim. Once I sit down to do it and can get focused I … probably need a cup of coffee. Ok so gonna do this wiki thing just need to clear off this table. Wiki so … why is that in the middle of the floor. This would be better with my keyboard that’s in the basement. I should put the Laundry/dishes in and see how much I can get done… I think its lunchtime.

Much if the equipment I was thinking if a quick start guide and then I depth info about it. Then the QR code links to the Wiki page.

Just need to find…

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