WIKI Outdated?

I was research the 3D Printers. The only one of the existing 3D Printers is the Ultimaker.

I was trying to see what the Z Max is on our machines. Can anyone help with this?

Each printer has a page that lists basic info such as build volume. They are linked on this page:

You are correct that our 2 newer printers are missing from the Fab Lab equipment list, though.


Indeed. The FabLab wiki needs some work and that fact is on my radar. Let me know if you, or anyone else, would like to help with that.

Note this earlier topic thread is related:

True the wikki is generally outdated especially the ERP lab. But that thread doesn’t answer the question of the max Z on the machines. That’s a totally valid question and I just realized I don’t actually know my print volume on my own anet a8…

I need a wikki for my basement I guess LOL

Someone around here needs to write an AI that keeps the wiki up to date.