Why is it falling apart?

I made this the other day (I love me some flowy tops) but now it’s coming apart…or threads are pulling lose?

I forget to wash the fabric before sewing so I did wash it after.

Garment bag, watered down persil, no fabric softener and on the delicate cycle.

Anyone know why all these threads are lose?

Stretch knits need to be sewn with a stretch stitch or with a surger with a locking stitch. Sewing it with regular stitches doesn’t lock the thread in place, so when the fabric bends or stretches the thread comes out.
My Kansas City Fashion Week collection is 50% knit. I’m hoping now that we have some additional sergers to teach some knit sewing classes starting this summer. Using my pattern making software so the same pattern fits multiple students even if they aren’t ready to wear shaped.

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So I should probably hold off on stretch knit stuff stuff until I learn to use the serger?

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Ps I love that green. :heart_eyes:

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This is my favorite outfit from this collection, but I’m not allowed to post pictures of the finished garment until after the 15th. These pants are probably what I’m going to teach in one of the classes very easy to make.

I love this fabric and the color, it’s a Tshirt knit from Girl Charlee fabric $7.24 a yard plus shipping. Solid Cotton Lycra Fabrics - Girl Charlee