Who left the MESS?

I stopped in yesterday 11/19/19 to drop off some things to be fired and I walked into a nasty mess. Someone did not clean up after themselves when using the wheel. The wheel was a MESS, tools where laying all over the place and the wheel had wet pancake batter looking clay all over it. That is NOT the way things are done in Ceramics. Use a little common sense; If you make a mess you CLEAN your mess. Further more that wheel does not belong to makeict it is on loan to us from a member. Since this member was nice enough to lend us his wheel it seems like the least we can do is be respectful and clean it after using it. Not to mention how disrespectful it is to assume someone wants to clean up your mess. I did not have time to clean up someones mess because I had an appointment I was on my way to. Like I said I was ONLY dropping stuff off; otherwise I would have cleaned it up so Scott and Patrick would not have to. Scott and Patrick already go above and beyond for the Ceramics Area. If you use stuff in the Ceramics Studio then CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. It is RUDE and VERY Disrespectful to others when you leave your mess for others to clean up.


P.S. to above: if for some reason the person who left the mess left for an emergency, simply write a quick note or let someone know. This way we have an idea of whats going on and no assumptions are made. I had an emergency once where I had to leave right then. I let someone know that I’d be back to clean up my stuff, however, James was a sweetheart and cleaned it up for me.Most people and myself included don’t mind helping others when sh%t happens because that’s just how we roll at makeict.