Who in charge of Calendar and Classes?

Hey you all,
I have requested a class but have not seen it populated on the calendar. Who should I talk to about getting it started for Jan.?


Not sure what class it was but we would have to find a volunteer to teach the class. If you know someone who teaches that class you may be able to convince them to do it.

I actually don’t know who reviews those submissions I think it’s the education committee.

Yes it was for a class I would be teaching.

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Ah that’s a horse of a different color. I know @Malissa has been enjoying family time for the holidays, but I’m sure she will be back volunteering early this week.

I plan on doing that this evening. I’ve had some meeting today with my part-time job. I try to do these every Sunday but with holiday and family I’ve gotten a little behind.

Ok. Thanks so much Malissa

Yeah… I should be doing that too and not letting it fall to Malissa… I, too, have been gone from my house and only had my phone (making it super hard to set up the calendar). Sorry about that.

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I’m at my computer now finally getting it done. I will set a schedule for next year and give heads up when there will be a disruption to that schedule.

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