Who has things to sell?

Hello makers - I have been talking to local shops here in town about adding “made at makeict” stuff to their inventory. I know some of you make things that you might like to sell, and I would love to tell my friends that there’s a place they could go to check out our wares and buy MakeICT gift cards. Especially if that place is open to the public 4-7 days per week, instead of four hours a month like us.

Who would be interested in selling stuff, maybe using a tag or stamp with the MakeICT logo so people know you’re a maker?


That sounds interesting

Can we find someone to make a tutorial on how to price your stuff?

Exactly what would you want in said tutorial? I know of at least 3 pricing methods.

I assume it’s on consignment. What is the commission?

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I have things that I would like to sell. Wood projects. Dave Vogt

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Hey guys I started a new thread in the “insiders” forum so we can talk details. I feel weird talking about pricing in the open forums and I want to share details of shops I’ve worked with and hear your honest thoughts about local retailers, without it being google-able.

So if you want to be able to see that group, let me know, I added folks who replied to this thread.


Does it have to be made at MakeICT or can I make something at home and sell it under the made at MakeICT…

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There once was a group of ladies they formed a coalition. Every time they took out an ad or were interviewed they had to mention that coalition, known as the “Austin Craft Mafia”. They had badges on their websites and a website dedicated to the Group. You may recognize some of the names individually Naughty Secretary’s Club(Jennifer Perkins), Vickie Howell (Knitty Gritty), Tina Sparkles, Sublime Stitches(Jenni Hart), and several others. It lead to a couple shows including Stylealious(?). I think with the right moves we could replicate something similar here.

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I work at a locally owned shop that carries jewelry, home decor, women’s clothing, jewelry, and gifts…I have an idea similar to yours and would like to see if we could join forces and make our ideas happen! Please let me know if u r interested in discussing the possibility!


We are a small local business in town and we are dedicating a section of our store to local artists and makers. So if you’re looking to sell your handcrafted goods, or know somebody who is, just shoot me an email and we can see if it’s a right fit!


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Could we also do this on an Etsy shop? Such as adding a “member of MakeICT” in stuff you sell in Etsy?

Hey guys - an update!

We decided that MakeICT does not take a cut of your stuff, will not have a label unless you want, etc etc etc lots of freedom, but I do need PHOTOS of stuff you want to sell to send to a store. So far I’ve got me and doug.

And yes I will contact those other stores, I promise.

Anybody else in?


@devin @ScottS nudge nudge, here’s a cool idea. :slight_smile:


I’m in, but it will be a few weeks before I can get into it too much.

Can you post stores and contacts for members wishing to deal directly with the consignment stores?

I’ll take some pix and send them to you.

I have my own Etsy shop and I would love to also sell at a physical shop especially if it helps out MakeICT as well.

I’m interested in selling my creations.