Which committee(s)?

I couldn’t decide which area or committee might be appropriate for my offer to donate a 32" touch screen monitor.

@IT , multimedia, @Facilities , welcome center, @Communication ?

Specifications here: 3201L 32" Interactive Digital Signage (Discontinued March 2016)

Condition: used

Possible use would be to convert the currently non interactive display across from the welcome center to having interactive functionality. It’s been proposed that we have a “kiosk” near the front entrance to inform of and maybe even to track volunteer tasks.

I’ll bring it with me and leave it in my car tonight if anyone might foresee it being wanted.


Discussion that provoked the purchase: https://talk.makeict.org/t/volunteer-opportunities-section/24162


Communication doesn’t have physical space in the makerspace.

Depending on where it goes out front, it would either be Welcome Center (me) or Facilities. I still need to talk to the Board to figure out where the actual boundaries of the Welcome Center are.

Power would be a big issue, as would wall space. I personally want to make that area less cluttered to help with signing people in for Maker Monday.


I believe a solution to any concerns about taking up wall space and supplying power would be to replace the existing monitor for the slide show display across from the Welcome Center. Integrating interactive functionality could come later. Immediately it would just be a larger display. I’d have to make some measurements to be sure, but I believe the offered display is no thicker front to back and has the same VESA mounting dimensions.

Repositioning is always a future option. As would be true for the existing display even without a larger (and touch) display.


Replacing one screen for another wouldn’t be as much of an issue. One problem I do see is with an interactive screen being placed that high. We do have disabled members who volunteer and may not be able to reach the screen.


That’s a very good point. An partial solution is to have a tray and keyboard/mouse at a reachable height for those unable to use the touchscreen. But, they may still have trouble comfortably looking up to where the display is. Alternatively we could fabricate an accessible means of raising/lowering the screen. The few commercially available adjustable height display mounting are both really expensive and mostly not ADA compliant (require supporting the weight of the display while adjusting).

We already have nearly zero effective solution for listing and tracking routine volunteer tasks, so effectively it is a system not accessible for anyone.


For now I am retracting my offer to donate the item.

I’ve got a potential use for it at home, which was my plan if the offer was rejected.

(Instead I’ve made a donation to the roof fund of an equivalent amount.)

Sorry it didn’t work out.

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The offer wasn’t rejected.

But okay, maybe I’ll go ahead and spring for one of those monitors.

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True enough.

But I have the personal history of having donated a similarly expensive hot/cold water dispenser that has sat unused for over three years in the corner of the kitchen.

Not rejected ≠ accepted

Offline discussion was a factor in withdrawing the offer.


Daaang. Is it still there?

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It is. In the corner opposite the door to/from the hallway.

All it needs is to have a quarter inch water line tap, an outlet for power and a placement where it will be used. Occasionally will need filters replaced.

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The fridge dispenses filtered water, and we always have bottled water in the fridge. I don’t see a need for another water dispenser. I’m in the process of sorting through the break room and trying to clear out clutter, de-duplicate, organize, and clean.

I’d suggest having @Facilities put the dispenser that I donated in the hallway adjacent to the drinking fountain as the dispenser is much better for refilling water bottles than a drinking fountain and more accessible to someone in a wheelchair.

But it was a donation so I’m just a member with an opinion.


I will bring it up to Joe. My only real thought would be to take out the old school fountains that are not even turned on, and put it there. However that is right outside of the break room, so seems a waste. But I guess if folks don’t want ice, it saves them some steps. Plus it is more accessable.


I could see that it would be much more accessible to someone in a wheelchair. Plus it refills water bottles.


Did Joe contact you about this? He had a good idea last night about where to install the water dispenser.


Joe did not contact me. But, I’m just a member with an opinion. The water dispenser belongs to MakeICT and it is up to facilities to decide where (or whether) to install it.

I very much appreciate you following up on this.


If members get a say in this I really like the idea of replacing the fountain across from the breakroom with it. An easily accessible source of filtered water shows a devoted effort towards inclusion. Unless of course the space wants to pay for automatic doors into to the breakroom (I would donate to help improve accessibility in the space).


The current plan is to install it in the cubby right next to Textiles. That used to be a sink, so it already has water and power. Joe just needs to double check to verify the water line is still active.

We did think about putting it where the old school fountains are, but that seems redundant, since you are right across the hall from the break room, which already has a filtered water dispenser.