When 3D printers have issues…

If you notice an issue with the 3D printers, please report the problem here and/or email FabLab at fablab@makeict.org and place one of the out of order signs on it so someone else doesn’t try to use it. The out of order signs are on the shelf below, but I’m going to find a more obvious place for them. Please don’t turn off the power if the nozzle is hot.

Also, please don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself. If you’d like to join the team that works on the 3D printers, please reach out.

Also, the 3D printers do require authorization to use. You can get authorized by either taking the 3D Printing Basics class or by being peer-authorized by another authorized member. There are tips for doing peer-authorization on the wiki, but the instructions do need updated and will be soon.

We’re working on signage in FabLab to help clear up confusion about the 3D printers and other machines.