Wheel Configuration - Feedback

We’ve played Tetris with the wheels! We think this makes more room. As you use the space, leave your feedback here.

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Let’s us know what you think! And please, provide some feedback below if you dislike it or have other ideas. It’s super easy to move the wheels try different configurations.

This configuration: gets rid of the extension cord, gets cords out from under chairs/feet, provides full access to the sink, gives a bigger walkway through the space, allowing someone to work at the north side of the table while someone else walks through to the sink, and one wheel facing the others would be good for teaching (hint hint, anyone??). Cons include: not everyone is facing the door, there is a small loss of personal space, the big wheel is a bit cramped to get into if someone is at the wheel next to it, and access is restricted to all the stuff stored on the window sill (we should probably move that stuff anyway, but where! Hmmm…).

  • 5 - Love It! Go Team Tetris!
  • 4 - Good, Not Great
  • 3 - Indifferent
  • 2 - Was Better Before
  • 1 - Hate It! Put it Back

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I have not voted in this poll – it wouldn’t be fair since I have yet to get my butt into ceramics to do something. Having said that, good on you for asking for feedback.

I came in today and sat in each chair. I dig it!

It looks really crowded now.

@jwithers Oh no! I may not have taken into consideration that I take up less space than most adults. You’re right that might get crowded on ceramics night if there are 3 people sitting.

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Personally I just think we need a larger makerspace. Then maybe we could add another wheel or two, and promote a fun event for couples.