Wheat State PrusaParts

Hey 3d printer people!

Wheat State Hobbies in Derby dug up a stash of 3d printer parts! The parts seem to be for a an early Prusa RepRap. All the parts appear to be in new condition.

Included are:
Printrbot Rev C Controller board
Prusa Heat Bed
1x hot end/resistive heater/thermistor
7x Minebea Stepper Motors
4 rolls of Kapton Tape
1 power supply
1 box of belts and pulleys
1 box of linear bearings
1 external voltage regulator for heat bed
Bullet connectors
And a partial set of prints for a prusa reprap

He is asking $200 for everything but is willing to negotiate.
They accept cash or card.
Wheat State Hobbies - (316) 869-0888

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