What's the plan for the radios?

I’ve got a big spot for them I was curious when to expect them

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Like big 50ft tower, talk to people all over the world, get your ham license and bust your chops.



Cool! Would be neat to contact other makerspaces

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Terrence Laurendine (K5TB) and Joe Pajor (KB0KFH) have both been the lead volunteers for this effort. They have had considerable discussion about equipment, layout, and operations. There are FCC regulations to consider among other things. There is also anticipated to be an agreement between MakeICT and the Wichita Amateur Radio Club in support of this effort. The drafting of the agreement has started but there is still much to do. Once drafted, it will have to be reviewed and approved by both organizations’ leadership. This review may include revisions to the draft agreement.

Covid has also put a major damper on the process. The WARC does have some of the key pieces of equipment that are anticipated to be used in the ERP Lab. Please let me know if you need other specifics that I might be able to forecast what we will have once we are operational. I do not have even an estimate of a schedule for getting this done under the current conditions.



Whell I’m not gonna worry about building your desk just yet then!

Keep me posted cuz were excited!

This is going to be so awesome.