What is Partick Making?

Some days, I don’t know what I’m making. This morning, I was enjoying a cupa Coffee; What did I see:

Patrick from Ceramics: Making an announcement on Channel 12 about Volunteer Opportunities.at the Kansas Food Bsnk. Good place, great mission. I did that a couple of times. Should MakeICT Members set a time to go pack boxes. Asking for all of us.



Thanks John! Hope they got my good side on the TV!

Please come out to Empty Bowls this weekend at WSU Woolsey Hall from 11-1 and support the Kansas Food Bank. Thousands of bowls to choose from, including some great wooden bowls and ceramic bowls from MakeICT members!

I would love to give a tour and show off the food bank to my fellow Makers. It’s pretty impressive. We could totally arrange a volunteer shift for MakeICT. If there was enough interest I could do a private evening or weekend shift. Sound off below.



I’m interested. If it was a Friday evening or a weekend I would bring my daughter too.

I’m interested and could bring my son as well

I’ve volunteered there several times and always had fun. I’d like to participate too.

I woud join if I am available.

Count my kid and I in on box packing night/weekend!

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