What I made, before here


It was created as an award for a roller derby annual banquet.

By luck of the draw I got one of the veterans who had been skating for 10+ years so I felt her award had to be epic, so I created a 2 foot wood replica of our VIP metals awarded to one blocker and one jammer every game.

All I can think about is how much easier this would have been at this makerspace. I started off with plywood, used carbon paper to trace out my design that I created in illustrator printed off on multiple sheets taped together and then transferred the image to the wood. I then used a jigsaw to cut out the pieces, laminated them, used a dremel to hand carve and engrave, then painted with multi layers of spray paint and glitter. My wife helped with sewing the ribbon to make the perfect replica.


Wow Heather, Awesome work!

It was really nice meeting you on Maker Monday.

Thank you, and likewise!

I love this project. Now I want a 3ft by 5ft MakeICT access card…

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That can be arranged…

A few years ago I made a very large set of King and Queen cut out cards for my parents casino night 30 year wedding anniversary…

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We could put a giant NFC module on our giant Arduino, I guess.


The giant arduino! I forgot about that thing!