What are you making- Thanksgiving edition

Cooking is a form of making! So I was curious what’s cooking today for everyone!

Thus year we are making quadriplegic Turkeys. Other than that everything is pretty standard. Pistachio salad, deviled eggs, green bean casserole, butter pecan sweet potato casserole… village Inn pies… yup I cheat.

Anyone got some cool stuff cookin?


I made the things!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be safe!


I made fresh cranberry sauce for the first time. :grinning:

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Apple pie and vanilla ice cream. :drooling_face:


There was also pumpkin crunch cake with fresh whipped cream. There will be no leftovers.

P.S. I live alone. This is a challenge I accept.


Lots of turkey :wink:

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Ok Christian I think a trade is on an enchilada for a pie!! Looks delicious. Enjoy

So today the wife and I ate chicken fried steak dinner prepared at home for our Thanksgiving day meal.
You see our kids are all grown up now and they got friends and other family to have dinner at.
So we are planning ours Saturday instead!
This works because we are now not in a rush to get stuff last-minute in crowded situations.
So for dinner main course Saturday I am slow smoking 2 turkeys I Brined and a ham I will inject with a Cajun flavoring then cook at 185 degrees starting Friday night this will give it a wonderful smoky flavor from our competition blend pellets
We will be making most of the vegetables sous vide style (my early Christmas gift)
And the normal sweet potato casserole, Hawaiian sweet rolls, cornbread, and several other sides oh and gravy lol
And leftovers we will probably make individual vacuum sealed meals pouches with the leftovers we don’t send home with the kids.

Happy Holidays
To all our friends new and old
And to those we are looking forward to meeting!
Have a safe and full holiday
The Mitchells’


The ham and turkey fell off the bone it is amazing!

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