What are ya making... Thanksgiving edition!

An interesting thread appeared a week or so ago about food making. Wife is starting her pies tonight so here is the cup o coffee question…

What are you making for Thanksgiving!
Feel free to trade recipes here!

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I made banana pudding. Only I used half and half, heavy cream and only a little milk. It’s not instant pudding if you have to cook it, right? Ha! Came out really well if I do say so myself. Almost like vanilla mousse banana pudding.

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My tiny apartment out here has a tiny kitchen with a tiny oven and no temp markings on the dial (and I’m too frugal to buy an oven thermometer), so I’ve been practicing a couple of things in preparation for Thanksgiving - which means I already have pictures to share!

This year I’m doing Thanksgiving with my partner’s family. On my side, there are a couple of Filipino dishes that we have at every gathering, so I’m making vegan lumpia (Filipino egg roll) to share with my in-laws. I’m making two varieties. Both will have cabbage, carrot, mushroom, and seasonings inside, but one will also have sweet potato and the other will Trader Joe’s beefless-ground-beef. I don’t have a recipe, but there really isn’t a wrong way to do it. If you really want a recipe though, just search for lumpia shanghai.

I’m also making some marinated smoky tofu with an orange and apricot glaze. People sometimes make a big fuss when I don’t have something on my plate that resembles a traditional American entree, so this year I’m making a couple of these bad boys to share. It’s very tasty!


Attempting to smoke a turkey for the first time (on Sun). Any tips or tricks would be welcome.


That looks awesome Dom! I may have to sneak that tofu dish in at Christmas and see if anyone notices.

I was going to post my pie, but my wife opted to do them herself, and didn’t use my recipe. That’s fine and all but I use Alton brown’s no fail crust. ( https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/pie-crust-recipe-1915025 ) as a side note it CAN fail, just remember it’s easy to make a bad pie. Take your time. It should be like throwing a pot and not chopping a log.

Also I was going to post my turkey, but the wife has claimed it too. I have always cooked mine breast side down until the last 30 min when I turn it over slather it in butter and bring the top to a golden brown. This year she is doing it in a roaster so I have no idea how it’s going to work.

If it doesn’t we are just out a turkey I suppose…

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Low and slow. When are you starting it?

Actually you might smoke it for a few hours for the flavor and then finish it in the oven. I do that with pork butt all the time. Smoke it till its tasty, then toss it in the crock pot till you can twist out the bone.

Yeah. I’ve done that with pork too and it works well. For the size of turkey that I have (13 lbs), it seems that around 4-5 hours should be sufficient.

Brine is very important, 12-24 hours before you smoke it. The biggest thing I’ve smoked is a chicken that took about 6 hours, I think. It’s been about 8 year since I’ve smoked anything because the time it takes. I’ve been wanting to do some Cornish game hens, those should take less time.

Ermagad! Cornish hens sound like da bomb!
You soak it in brine? I usually use a rub but I typically work with beef and pork.

I have a strict no hotdogs no fish rule too.

Brine is a salt water mixture with other things lemon juice, herbs, it just depends what you want. It helps keep the meat from drying out. My husband smoked some pork yesterday he had heat left over so he there a few pieces of cod on it with butter. It tasted like lobster from the hickory smoke, we plan on doing that again. We’re doing our own sushi today.

We were invited to my parents’ friends house, but I don’t want to make it difficult for them to deal with my celiac, so we’re having leftovers, and then going over with pie.

I’m making a pecan pie.

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I made apple pie and rolls last night.


I feel like a slacker. I did not prepare anything myself. I just have to shuttle my children to my in-laws and eat.

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Everyone has different skill sets

Today our kids are in Dallas for the Cowboys Football Game. Giving Thanks for that late 20th Century American Pastime. My bride cooked our Big Meal over last weekend. Monday was her Chemo day, so Today I took her to Strouds. Choice of ham or turkey and all their usual side dishes. Pumpkin Pie instead of the cinnamon roll. No prep, cooking or cleanup for her. Just good food and fast service. In and out in a leisurely fashion, just short of an hour. No pictures of that.

This afternoon, evening is R&R for her, maybe a football game on TV. For me, I hear my wood lathe calling.

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We had homemade pumpkin pie, juicy Turkey, pistachio and cranberry fluff… it was all delicious.

More importantly was the family I got to spend time with family and heard from friends. (Yall) !

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I come on the forums to look at things, and see this thread so I’ll contribute a non-food thing I quickly designed early this morning: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4007055 (And oddly, a lot of people seem to be looking at and downloading a gutter adapter today, but who am I to talk being the guy who designed it today.)

I never could keep them lit :):innocent:

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I made smoked salmon chowder and some masaledar sem.

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