Weekly Garden Log


= Important Stuff =

Link to Weekly Log: Weekly_Garden_Task_Log - Google Sheets

The headers of each task section (i.e. Water and Weed) are where I expect us to sign up for daily tasks. If for some reason we can only complete individual sections of the garden on a daily basis, I have added the option to sign up for only those sections.

(I will try to grab any empty spots for watering and weeding this week, although I need help. We’re down a car right now, so getting to the Makerspace is more difficult for me right now.)

= Extra Info =

I have finished creating the spreadsheet that we will utilize to keep track of our weekly garden tasks. If you have any ideas for categories let me know. Right now the format is as shown in the following figure:

This is a living document, so I expect more sections to be added as this document matures.

Weekly on Sundays, when I input notes from the meetings, I will archive previous weekly logs in a different spreadsheet that I will link on the Wiki under the Spring/Summer notes section.

Piper Thomas