Website updates / room naming

I was going to email fundraising about this but then maybe thought I should tell the board and then thought why not just tell everybody?

Since Sherry and I hung up the donor wall signs, the donor web page might be getting more views. It had a line the says that “for donations over $3000 we’ll talk to you about naming a room after you”. Luckily it just says “talk about it”, not do it, because that’s an amount I totally made up myself years ago when I was making that web page about the donor wall, didn’t ask anybody.

I deleted that line today because I know our fundraising back then was a lot less organized, and we should review where we’re at on that.

If you want to add a line back in let us know.


The new KPTS ch8 does this. I believe it’s only for 10 years. Their model may be a good place to start.