Watercolor Help, pls

My parents live in a 100 year old house that has a wood covering over an old floor furnace cutout. My dad asked me to take a painting I made for him several years ago and paint it on a new wood covering to replace the old one. I covered the wood piece in gesso, drew my design, and started to paint with my water color (per the original painting), but I am having a hard time with the water color. It’s not blending or covering like I am used to. It dries very odd with the paint almost globbing up instead of drying in its thin layers. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong!

The forum will only allow me to upload one picture unfortunately.

Thank you in advance!


Are you using the same gesso as before? Was it applied at the same thickness? Is the humidity different? Are you using the same type of wood as before? Same watercolors? I’m not a gesso and watercolor expert but these are the first questions that came to me from reading your post

Same watercolors but I’ve never watercolored on gesso or wood before. Im not sure if I just dont know how to maneuver the watercolors on the gesso?

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Sounds like you can but humidity can be a factor. Maybe tent the gesso with the watercolor and paint it on that way?