Want to meet in the kitchen?

I just heard we were offering knife classes, which is very exciting! Cooking is one of the coolest maker activities I know of. Cooking is the art of making sustenance and nourishment. I know MakeICT has wanted a kitchen for a while.
Anyways, I have been busy in my at my place, the STUDIO|SCHOOL, working on a commercial kitchen for the community to use to create food in a safe, clean, and licensed environment. Right now I have some hourly users lined up, but I’d really like to encourage other uses of the kitchen, including teaching. I also have a home economics classroom directly attached with a residential type kitchen installed, so theory and practice can take place in spaces conducive to each. The district also left behind plenty of tables, chairs, a projector screen, a food demo cart. This is the first I have posted publicly about the kitchen and am interested in feedback and if there is interest in collaborating/co-hosting classes. So, do you want to meet me in the kitchen?

Commercial Kitchen

Home Ec. Classroom


Do you have a facebook page for Studio School?


how wonderful! interested in classes.

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