Want to learn Raspberry Pi and how to use sensors? CrowPi lab-in-a-box for sale ̶$̶2̶9̶5̶ $250

I’ve never gotten the chance to use this kit, and now it has to go to finance the lamp rollout…
The good part is that it includes a brand-new Raspberry Pi 4, and I can deliver it to you at the makerspace. If you’re a MakeICT member, I’ll give you an automatic 10% discount. The Advanced CrowPi goes for $395 on Amazon, and this one adds a wireless keyboard/trackpad combo.

Here’s a link to the Facebook Marketplace ad


I’m “motivated” to sell this, so I’ve dropped the price to $250. And I’ve corrected the listing to reflect that the included Rasperry Pi 4 is the 4GB version. Can meet at the makerspace just about anytime.

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I’m becoming motivated to buy, but I’d need a few weeks. Sellit if you can in the meantime

I’d let you split it up over a few weeks, but I’d have to get the first hundred now…gotta pay bills…heart attacks lead to expensive co-pays for the rest of your life…:slight_smile:

CrowPi is sold…



I really had to hold back. I literally have everything I need to make one in each prev version… yet my brain was all YOU NEED THIS FOR YOUR BASEMENT!

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I wasn’t looking forward to selling it, but priorities. And I’m really looking forward to where it ends up.

Me too!