I have 3, aproximate 10’ long, live edge pieces of milled walnut from my yard for sale. They have been drying for 1.5 yr’s. I’ve attached photo of 2 of them. If interested reply to this post! Im not sure the photo can be seen. Let me know if u can’t see it. I’ve never done this before.


I’m on my phone, the image isn’t working.

I used the upload button. Is there a better button to use to attach photos?

It appears like some of the formatting is missing. Did you not leave a space or possibly delete a character?

Ta Da!!! It worked thanks.

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Yeah! Good luck

Interested in the Walnut live edge. I am out of town right now, but would like to see them.

I’m interested…let me know your prices. You can message me direct at @David if you prefer. When pricing, remember that I’m one of your oldest and dearest friends :pleading_face:

Actually my son is selling it. I’ll let him know u guys are interested.

He says he wants $95 a board.

How thick are they? I’m interested.

  • Woody

1" and there is 3 of them.