Walnut resaw help

Hello everyone,

I’m a new member and just went through the wood shop authorization class. I have a piece of live edge walnut, probably about 18" long x 12" ish wide and about 1" thick that I’m wanting to resaw into some thinner pieces (and possibly run a through the planer) for a few projects on the laser.

At any rate, I realize walnut is on the list for requiring additional cleanup authorization but I don’t see any of those classes coming up on the calendar. Does anyone know when the next class will be, or will anyone be in the wood shop at some point this week that might be able to help me out?

Many thanks,

I will bet @doug.wilson will know the answer to that question.

Give me a call and I can arrange to meet you there and help out.

Rich 303-5739

Thanks for the offer Rich- I’ll give you a call here in a bit.

I try to offer one every month. I should have a date for you, though, within the week.

Great- thanks Doug!