Voting Town Hall July 16th 7pm in the Gallery

Voting Town Hall July 16th 7pm in the Gallery.

Agenda (preliminary)

  • Discussion of the two voting methods used in the election (How do the methods work.)
  • Discussion of how the votes were counted in the election
  • Discussion of what we can do better for the next election (Be positive :slight_smile: … everybody here is a volunteer and we want to have fun!)
  • If you are passionate about this subject join the team to propose changes to the board/membership. (There is nothing worse than someone who takes pot shots at what was done, but doesn’t want to help fix it)
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If anyone would like to add a topic to the agenda, please post below.
Also please be civil in your posting :slight_smile:
And if you could do that before the 11th, I will make sure the agenda includes your topic (provided it is relevant to voting at MakeICT… :wink: )

I’m not going to be there but I think having an election committee would be beneficial. Also a ratification of election results by the board.

maybe we could get someone more independent to ratify them :slight_smile:

Any more agenda topics for this meeting? I’m pulling a short presentation together.

Thanks for filling in for me Kim. I am so sorry that I had to drop that one one you. ( My neice needed to see her Grandma before school starts up again and I promised I would ride with her as this is her first trip driving the entire way to Houston. Good news is she can go independently after that. :slight_smile: )

Good meeting tonight, thanks to all who came.

Here are our discussion notes, in presentation format:

Here is a revised voting policy that I will bring up before the board at our August meeting:

These are open to the admin list. I don’t mind granting permissions one at a time now and then, but if you’re interested in this kind of thing you should probably join the admin list. Contact to join.

We also need to make sure we follow state regulations for nonprofits. (There are some legal requirments set out by the state.)

Some references:

Kansas Law on Board of Directors

board resources