Voron Trident 300 Printer

Voron Trident 300MM Printer

What is it, and what does it do? This is my 3rd Voron 3D Printer. This version is the Trident which is a Core XY printer with a Moving Bed on the Z axis via 3 Screws.

Why are you making it: I enjoy 3D Additive Manufacturing and love building machines.

This is the Frame, Steppers, Bed, and Gantry.

Stealth Burner Hot End with Tap, Cable Chains, Wiring, and Electrical nearly complete. I used an Inverted Trident Electronics mod to make for easier access. Large Printers get really heavy and it’s a pain to tilt them when needing access.

Touch screen display, Deck Plate, and Side Panels installed. I used another modification for the side panels for quick removal.

Back Panel, Nevermore Carbon Filter, Doors installed. I used 270 Deg Hinge mod on the doors to allow them to swing open fully.

Here is a nearly final view of the Trident next to my Voron 2.4 350MM printer.

The trident looks completed but I still have more to do… Up next:
Nozzle Scubber and Purge Bucket
Internal Spool Holder
Disco LED Lights
Install the Magnetic Sheet and Flex Plate
Flex Plate Stops
Final Tuning and Calibration
Chamber Fans
New Skirts
Test Prints!
Custom ACM Panels for the Deck and Back that I will be custom etching.

So far I have about 40 hours into this build thanks to the kit I’m using.