Volunteers needed Monday night!

Tomorrow night is our next Open House, June 24th from 7:00-9:00pm. We always need volunteers for these events to help with visitor check-in, tours, and key signatures. We would love to see some new volunteer faces tomorrow night!


I’m usually hiding in the ERP, but I guess I could chill out at the check-in desk before 7pm.


I’ll definitely be around. I expect to be at every Maker Monday for the next year.


I plan to be there. All I’m really good for at this point is checking people in, but I’m happy to do that.

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I’m going to stop by tonight and can help as well. Who do I need to contact so that I know what I can help with? I’ve only been in the club for about 2 months so I don’t know a whole lot yet. I’ve never helped with checking in people at the door, but can learn tonight so I know what it takes to do it next time if there is nothing else that needs to be done. Just let me know.
Mike G

@David or @jwithers—Just found out from Kim that she won’t be able to run the orientation tonight. Any chance one of you could step in?

Hi Mike! Thanks for helping tonight! Just look for someone with a member badge and they should be able to guide you in the right direction.

Sure, I can do it. I used to run them all the time, and the place can’t have changed that much since then, right?