Volunteers needed for Maker Faire!

Hey all, Maker Faire is coming up soon, July 21 and 22, and we we need volunteers to help run the fair. This is part of our ongoing partnership with Exploration Place and it is because of our volunteers that we are able to attend and exhibit in the fair for free!

We listened to feedback this year and scaled down the number and length of volunteer slots to match just what is needed. Most slots are 2.5 hours long and come with free admission to the fair and museum, free food, and admission to the maker party after the fair closes.

Volunteering is fun too, helping attendees make cloth bags and kids taking apart electronics are two of the positions available. Volunteering at the fair is a great way to show Wichita that MakeICT is Wichita’s first and best makerspace!

Here is the link to sign up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090f48adaf22a4fe3-mini1


MakerBot needs you

we’ve only filled 14 of 54 available time slots. All positions are 2-3 hours

I still think it’s way too early to panic. Hate to say this but we’re kind of bad at signing up for stuff. The annual meeting potluck had 7 people signed up to bring food. Then somehow at the annual meeting, we had three tables full of food.

I haven’t signed up yet myself because I just like to do whatever, I can be a better example. What do you need more of though, booths or volunteers to unload trucks? Also could someone email me a blurb I can send out at my work?

It’s never too early to panic. Remember, kids: “When in danger, or in doubt, run in circles, scream, and shout!”


Exploration Place will start filling the positions with their volunteers the 1st week of July, I believe. I can get you some information after 9 tonight.

I would love to help with this but I’ll be in Atchinson KS we provide PA along the river for the Amelia Earhart festival.

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(39) 2 hour spots still available

I signed up for something! Last year I was just roving relief for people that needed lunch or to go to the restroom. That was a great job since I got to see lots of stuff and talk to lots of people. Too bad it wasn’t on the list, though to be fair, they made it up when I arrived since there were so many volunteers already.

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Good point - where is roving relief? I kinda got pulled into that last year, signed up for rockets but Tom brought extra help so instead I just walked around to booths and asked who needed a hand. It was an endless parade of “oh thank goodness I can finally go to the bathroom!”

I just submitted a booth. I’ll need volunteer help too, will bring a hands-on for kids, not sure how to ask for that. If anybody wants to hang out with me say the word.

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24 spot still available Load out need 14 people.

Daryl and I have volunteered for the 11:30 to 2:30 slot (take a party and bagmaking), but could stick around after to be roving help. We did that last year and had a great time!

Although it looks like there aren’t any bagmaking volunteers at 2:30-5. We could shift me around to roving then bagmaking if that will help. Talked to Daryl, he can stay at Take a Party if need be.

Let me know what you need.

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I have signed up for load in Friday evening then working with "bags we all make"all day on Sunday and then Load out help Sunday evening … I am available to help on Saturday if someone needs me.

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