Volunteers are makers as well!

As the holidays are approaching I feel its important to recognize and thank all the wonderful volunteers that help make MAKEICT and the maker space so great !!

They do so much for us sometimes its easy for us to forget they are makers as well and they might want to dedicate time to their own projects, I have seen multiple cases where a volunteer was working on their own projects and got pulled away to help the space they are great and they help but I have also heard complaints when they didn’t drop their own project to fix something around the space and this is not cool.

So please this month take the time to thank the people who volunteer so many hours of their time and energy to our community and please if they are doing something for them … let them enjoy their projects instead of pulling them away. Remember something broken or not working at the space can always be posted on the forms so others can jump in and help as well.

Thanks everyone Happy Holidays !!


Thanks everyone who helps out at the space. I appreciate and notice each and every one of you!

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