Visual Arts Committee Formed

Yesterday evening the first meeting of visual arts committee took place. During the session we elected a Chairperson and Secretary for the committee and began a list for future activities and classes along with a supply list and a list of items ready to be donated when space is allocated.

I will link to the rough notes HERE
and the wiki page for the committee HERE

Chairperson: Kim Nguyen (5/0 vote)
Secretary: Michael Atherton (5/0 vote)

Important meeting dates: Sep. 15th Board Meeting to become reconized.
Next Committee Meeting: Sep. 19th 6-7 in Classroom 1 and Online via Google Meet.


Due to the secretary having new life events i failed to get a meeting on the calander. (Apparently houses are a lot of work.)
In lue of that please drop questions/comments/concerns here.

  1. Paint racks for bottles/tubes are being built.
  2. Many easels have been donated, bringing total to 4 desk and 3 standing
  3. Classroom 1 closet has been alocated to store VA materials. Please check with Kim Nguyen before donating so we don’t get duplucation of efforts.
  4. Photography grade printer donated. (In box in jewelry lab)

So to clarify, we will not be meeting tonight? When will our next meeting be, so I can put it on my calendar. I nearly forgot about this one :sweat_smile:

I will try to get my drafting table and standing easel in by this weekend, but it depends on availability of a truck.

I will set up a meeting for next Monday 6-7. I’ll set it up for online only because i will be doing a jewelry lab authorization at the same time.

Ill try and get it posted by later tonight.

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I wasn’t able to make it in this weekend, but I plan to be in tomorrow to shuffle things around, bring in some supplies, take inventory, etc.

I won’t be able to make it to the next meeting.

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No problem! We’ll fill you in and keep active conversation in forum.


FYI I dropped off the two big H frames today, a stack of paper pads (drawing, watercolor, multi-purpose), a huge roll of brown liner paper (to line tables/floors to protect from paint), pencil sharpener, gesso… I’ll be dropping off more things and organizers soon. I’m slow lately, but I’ll get there.

I’m planning to bring soon:

-Acrylic paint (a bunch)
-Acrylic paint organizer
-Watercolor tubes (x36)
-Oil paint tubes (x36)
-Hanging organizer for tubes
-Drying rack for brushes
-Polymer clay (a bunch) and tools
-Clay conditioning machines
-Granite tiles (clean, smooth surface to work with clay)
-Resin and supplies
-Calligraphy pens/nibs/ink
-Various papers (including construction paper and stuff for kids)
-Pens, pencils/erasers/lead, crayons, colored pencils, markers
-Organizational bins and drawers

You are all welcome to contribute whatever you’d like. No pressure, and pretty easy going. This is a new committee (and hopefully soon Area), so we can use whatever we can get our hands on! Just let me or @MAtherton know so we can keep inventory and get you a donation receipt if needed!


It’s not even, but it works! Until I get a second one built, top row will be oils, and bottom row will be watercolors.


Nothing better than a good binder clip solution!


Hi, all. Just keeping you updated and letting you know that I won’t be in for a little while. Grandparents are in the hospital. I’ll brings things by here and there when I can and will update as I go. Thank you.


Ill be heading the committee meeting tomorrow. Ill be set up in room 1 for in person and have the virtual meeting set up. Link in calander.