Viral DIY Storage Tote Shelving Units [COLLABORATION REQUEST]

COLLABORATION REQUEST: Looking for people interested in making similar type shelves to brainstorm ideas and to design and build in parallel our individual shelf projects.

I’m thinking of making some variations on the viral tote storage shelves for my personal space.

  • I’d like to do a few 1 or 2 column units with casters that can be rolled into place.
  • The 27g and the 17g have the same footprint, so I’d like some columns to be mixed height.
  • I’d like to make some slide in shelves that can replace a given tote with what’s essentially a bakers rack for active project.


I’ll post updates here, but if you’re interested on working in parallel, drop a reply here!

Hmmm… I can’t collaborate with you since I am trying to get rid of stuff instead of store it. I do have a couple of thoughts:

  • Love, love the idea of wheels. Make sure you get some good ones
  • Concerned about the weight limit. I expect if you store heavy items these will fail.
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I’m actually using the 1 column racks as sorting towers for getting rid of stuff… that’s why I want them on wheels, so I can bring them TO the chaos for sorting… then wheel them to the destination for triage and inventory. Well, at least that’s how I’m justifying it. :slight_smile: