Vinyl Cutter request!

Is anyone willing to make these signs say “12-6” for me for the market? I’m trying to get them done as soon as possible so we can put them outside the building to locally advertise for the event, but I don’t know how to use the vinyl cutter :sweat_smile: I’ll leave them in the FabLab by the cutter for anyone who wouldn’t mind helping me out! I need 4 signs front and back please~ Thanks @squarenuts for helping me peel off the old vinyl :grin:

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I’ll be at the space tonight and tomorrow.

Easiest: send me a design (kim at makeict dot org) and I’ll cut it!

or tell me more about what you need? how big, what words, etc?

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@kim, the signs would have been fine except for the fact that they had the wrong time for this event. The time should be “12-6”… the rest of the sign is fine!




YESSS Kim, thank you so much!!! You’re awesome for this :sob::sob::sob::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: Now I can come by today and put them outside!!