Vacumm & Soap Dispensers

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Do any shops need a vacuum?

I noticed that the soap dispenser in the men’s restroom has seen better days and saw these ($5 - manual, and $20-automatic). Not sure if this is something we want/need at the space, but putting it out there in case.

If any are deemed needed and authorized for purchase I can pick them up for the space if needed. They are located at Restore and the Yard.

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Thanks for watching out for us. As for the shop vac, there are about a dozen shop vac’s and regular floor vacs piled up already. Rather than cleaning them when they stop working right, people keep donating their old ones. So I think we are good there.

The soap dispencer is actually brand new, well 2 years old anyway. We put them in when we first moved in. They were pretty crappy as there is a design flaw in them that we have to keep repairing. We ended up getting a refund for them, so that was good. We certainly would consider replacing them if we found something better, however these would not work for us as they take specific refill containers. We would rather stick with something that you simply refil. The packs are convenient but expensive.