Useless Box - 3D Printed

So I needed a break from life…time to make something! This week - a 3D printed Useless Box. Found a model on Thingiverse, slapped in an Uno and a servo, and now I have something to write some code for. I’m definitely going to add some LEDs, but have to decide whether to add a piezo for beeps, or one of my sound modules so it can make rude and funny noises, as well.

Photo 1
Photo 2

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Should’a known better than to drive the servo “just for a minute” directly from the Uno. Kind of disappointed that there was no actual smoke in the magic smoke this time.


Now which drawer did I put my next victim, er, Arduino in? Let me see…

I tried and failed gloriously at making a harmonograph last weekend. I have a good idea for what to do for it next but it got us talking about having a day when we just bring in our failures to show off, so everybody sees that it happens… add one sad motor to the list huh?

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I’d be up for making this a thing.

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