USD 259 Auction

tuesday. Tuesday. TUESDAY!

Usd259 Auction Items.pdf (147.2 KB)

How Large of Kiln does the Makerspace Need at the new location?


That is an awesome large kiln and slab roller. That would have been fantastic in a larger space. Alas…


I’m so glad you are looking the auction stuff over… It would be nice to pick up equipment at a great price.


We should buy a new vending machine, if they are affordable at the auction. It would be nice to enjoy a cold beverage while at the space.


Absolutely agree. Something that takes bills, and we can modify it down the road to allow the use of the member’s badge to add the price of a soda to the member’s account. Very doable, and the machine will pay for itself. We haven’t had a great machine in the past, but the one we had was dirt cheap to start with, and it paid for itself quickly. Even if the refrigeration is completely gone, we’ll be able to make use of it to vend items like sandpaper, etc. The front part of the current machine can be removed and hung on the wall in the wood shop, while the back section can be left open and unpowered if we have any items to sell that approximate the size of soda cans (or can be placed in something that size).


We can probably get some reusable containers for that.

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Or we can make them, or can recycle cans for that.

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Is anyone actually going to this with the Makerspace in mind?

I went to the inspection, but cannot spend the day there today. I looked at their vending machines, but I’m afraid that they are so huge that we’d be unable to find a place for it.

If someone does go, however, I could easily get away for long enough to go pay for whatever we might purchase.

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Daryl is hoping to make it down there, is there a budget? I can text him if you want. I’m out of town on business, so i can’t go.

he’s likely to have our truck.

I’m not sure what we’d get, other than a vending machine. There’s some other stuff there that would be useful, but without knowing what our Leads want for their areas, it would be difficult to purchase something.

I’m kinda surprised we haven’t zipped out a homebrew vending machine on the shopbot