Updated Volunteer list for Metalshop

Check http://makeict.org/wiki/Volunteering#Metalshop for updates. Thanks for supporting the area.

Current list :

ANYONE can do the following without asking:

General shop cleaning (sweeping, take trash out, organize tools, clean off machinery, clean bandsaw)
Organize shelves near Tormach.
Paint wood wall where exhaust fan was added. inside (should be gray or white paint on shelf near back door, either is fine.)
Clean and organize safety items (shelf eyeglasses are on.)
Clean powder coating oven as needed (clean racks and bottom of oven)
Sandblast or grind paint off of new donation box in Metalshop (has been started) ~FINISHED

ADVANCED (Contact Paul or Jeremiah for information before working on any of the following projects)

Help make and finish keepers of the plains.
Build raised platform for bandsaw.
Finish Building Forge.
Build three legged Anvil stand.
Build belt cover for Enco mill.
Build sturdy base for Enco Mill to replace wood base.
Build new Plasma computer cart with drawers for goggles.
Clean plasma table, replace slats when needed, refill and add chemicals.
Modify welding carts for better fit, add handles, etc.
Build grinder rack using plasma.
Finish rack for C-clamps.
Machine adapter for tubing notcher using Tormach or Enco.
Machine new lever arms for Enco Mill. (x3)

Donation box for Metalshop has been completed.

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Nice work JB!

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Outside Metalshop wall has been painted. Thanks Mike B.

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I finished 2 more pedestals for the metalshop. This will allow us to adapt multiple pieces of equipment that can be mounted, and switched out when needed. Thanks to Jeff Eck for supplying the Brake drums.


Those are nice !


There is a regular/water trap on the hose reel above the powder coating cabinet so the small compressor is I longer needed. Plug the hose reel into the blue line hanging down on the wall.

Also I’ve cut and powder coated a ‘hot’ sign for while the oven is in use.


Awesome work Devin. Thanks for helping out.