Tungsten Inlay Ring

Trying my hand at doing a quick and dirty inlay ring.

Size 15 Tungsten ring blank

Blue and Gunmetal pigment, each with neon blue glowpowder added in.

Sapphire, Iolite, Aquamarine chips for gems. Diamond dust for fun.

Set up my mandrel in the metal lathe and used it to hold the ring while i placed pigment and stones.

Took roughly 3 hours of work. Still have to go back and fill in blowouts in the enamel work.


That looks great.

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Looks great in the light but how’s the glow? I love glow in the dark stuff!

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Ive used uv to test the glow, and its interesting. So far, due to my day job, i haven’t had a real chance to test it in natural light.


So this is #2.

Ceramic band. Manmade opal (dragon scale) and aquamarine. Gunmetal with green glowpowder as a base. Pretty happy with this one.


Really nice ring. Beautiful. And i dont even like rings. But thats a nice one.