TTRPG Beta Testing

So, I was fortunate enough to get a spot for a playtester for the Daggerheart TTRPG Beta test. Are there any members that would be interested in participating? I can invite, theoretically, as many people as I want. The timeline (so far) is:

Closed Character Creation Testing (NOW)
Beta Playtest (March 12th Release of Materials)

Joining of this playtest does REQUIRE the signing of an NDA via electronic form.

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I am very interested…

I sadly have been out of gaming for way too long and this sounds like a great place to get in.

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If I can get at least 2-4 interested people I plan on sending NDA links out Friday night and have a group character creation session Saturday night after new member orientation.

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Due to time constraints I’ll be moving the things to next Saturday. This gives more people time to decide if they want to have a go as well. Those that have stated interest already keep an eye on your spam folders for the NDA link.


Oh good, I had thought I sent you a message about not being available on saturday the 9th, but looks like I typed it and didn’t actually send the message so glad you’ve put that over onto a different evening.

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So, the good news is its no longer closed beta so ill be able to post all materials


And i can start talking about the game openly. Daggerheart seems to be closer to a collaborative storytelling game then a traditional TTRPG. It is a amalgamation of several systems with its own flavor. If anyone wants to try building a character for play using a digital builder Demiplane has everything from the beta there and easily accessed.

Im going to try to put something on the calendar for Saturday evening for a session 0 game if anyone is interested.

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Would this be during game night at the makerspace or over the computer?

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I’ve already been doing some character exploration on Demiplane, so many ideas…

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Itd be in person at the space

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Alrighty, I could be there and do that. I have limited experience, (Last time I did an RPG was the early 80’s.)

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I think you’ll be fine, this game seems very learnable.

What time are we planning on doing this, I’ll have to have someone let me in I’ve lost my badge.

I do encourage using Demiplane if you want some extra help making sure you do things right.

Ill try to put up a calander event for Saturday at 7p. If i don’t then this is the warning that we’ll be doing a session 0 making characters at 7p on Saturday

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Ok.,… I put a placeholder Event at 7pm for us. I added Mike and I to the event, but I didn’t have Diana’s email easily accessible…

Good new is that getting Diana in that night should be easy because it is game night and we have people watching for outsiders … and it would be a good time to get her a new badge.


If you plan to attend please bring::

  • Pencil and scratch paper
  • If you know the class you want to play, the class player sheets from the player folder
  • Print out your own deck of cards for play


  • laptop to access Demiplane Nexus for Daggerheart

I’ll have one of each character class sheet and a few of the building character instructions. Demiplane’s tools are by far the easiest way to generate characters.

Dice will be provided for the actual gameplay and if we get through making characters early we’ll dive right into a game.

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Hmmm not sure I trust your dice… you might have bad luck on them…

I will be bringing my own cursed dice with my own bad luck on them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Might be running a bit behind

Ok I’m here in the game room, watching

Here is Lychee

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Gary, according to AI.


Because I like to dream that someday I’ll have the money and be in a campaign long enough to order custom minis… I made Gary as a mini in hero forge.

Ladena if you give me you’re character’s description again, I’ll try to make a while scene