Trace Bitmap Inkscape

I have a collage that I made that I want to digitize and most of the background is black. When I try to convert it using Trace Bitmap in Inkscape it freezes my computer. I tried reducing the number of scans with the same effect. What other settings should I try to change?

What’s the resolution of the image? If it’s very large, you could try scaling it down (in a raster editor, like GIMP) before tracing it in Inkscape.

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It’s a 8.5 x 11. I will try that this evening. Thanks for the tip.

Vectormagic works well. But it’s not free. You can see the results before you sign up on their website.

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The physical dimensions don’t matter - it’s the resolution (pixels x pixels) of the bitmap that will kill the trace bitmap function. Note that your bitmap in Inkscape may be scaled, so you can’t get a good read on the resolution just by looking there. You’ll want to open it in something else, like GIMP, in order to know the true resolution.

I scanned it at 600 dpi originally, so yea that’s probably the problem. I got home late from the board meeting so I’m going to change resolution of it today.

I got it to work but really didn’t like the results. Adobe is having sale right now, so I bit the bullet, for now. The entire creative cloud is $30 per month for the first year. It’s month to month so I’m going to try it and see where I go. Wish me luck.