Tote garden - looking for suggestions/inspiration

I’ve wanted to try something like this for a while. And today in Walmart, I fell in love… With a 40gal tote with a couple wheels and a handle.

I want to mix up all the soils I have and then plant most of my experiments and leftover plants from my container garden experiment. I’ll being in the tote tonight, but would be interested in your thoughts here as well.

I need suggestions on…

  • whether to reinforce the sides and/or bottom to avoid bowing/flexing/breaking from the weight of the soil, and if so, efficient ways to do so.
  • Selecting materials for drainage. My goals on this particular point are to find something that’s inexpensive, light weight, and won’t leach chemicals (veggie plants). I also want to avoid using drainage holes to maintain as much of the tote’s integrity as possible and to cut down on leaks/messes/spills onto the hardwood, especially because we are renting.

Thank you!

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We bought one from attwoods just a canvas bag with reinforced leather straps to carry it.
Looks like it is only 5-7 gallon though and its lined with plastic like thick dropcloth and perforated for drainage we love it grown in it last 2 years same soil just amend it with some fertilizer

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That sounds something that can be made in textiles


Someone suggested using some of the leftover pink foam insulation sheets in the Douglas location’s classroom as a lightweight filler for the bottom of my tote. I was told these are leftover from the group project that created the firetruck costume for the little boy’s wheelchair, and that @David would likely be the one to ask about the foam.

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