Tormach approved materials

Is there an approved materials list for the tormach? I’m wondering if you are able to Mill graphite blocks on the tormach. Thanks!

Yes! Aluminum is the only material authorized for the Tormach.

What would the process be for adding materials to the list, and what is the reasoning behind only allowing aluminum?

I understand not allowing things like titanium and magnesium because of the fire hazard, but delrin, nylon, and steel would be really useful. Graphite is messy and wears out cutters faster, but with the enclosure and proper cleaning, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, right? Steel is harder (literally), but with the proper speeds, feeds, and cutters the tormach handles it fine.


No Graphite/carbon fiber/fiberglass for dust/breathing hazards. Other materials (steel, plastics, etc) are available on a person to person basis with proof you know what you are doing (aka nice machined parts with tool paths and feed rates).