Tomato, or lack thereof

I gave everything in the communal area a nice soak today. This was my first visit in about a week…COVID wasn’t fun there for awhile, but I’m out of the weeds now.

Couldn’t help but notice that pretty much everyone’s tomato plants look like crap. Very few flowers, very few tomatoes. This is 100% because it is hot as hell. Tomatoes love sunshine, but no plant likes 100+ degree heat. They go into safety mode. I’ll be at the Sunday meeting and we can brainstorm some ideas on how to get some shade on them, if anyone else is interested. The heat isn’t going away, so this will be a problem each and every year.

Some literature for your perusal in the meantime…


Thank you! I thought it was me.

My grandmother would saved old sheets and actually use them for her tomatoes or other plants during hot Texas summers. She said they were worn, stained or ripped up so she used them and wasnt worried if they had to be thrown away. Just a thought for a cheap solution.