Thread rivets (cool tool)

Here is a tool I did not know existed. I had seen spot welded inserts before, but I did not know the pressed in ones were an option.

This video used them extensively. I like how you can use on material that is too thin to tap.

I like the option because it allows the threaded option for parts to be dissembled. I will definitely use them in future projects.

@metalshop Do we have a crimper like this that I don’t know about?

Plus you get to see the electrolytic rust removal.

The video uses a fancy hydraulic version, but a quick search on amazon something like this comes up ( about $50 ). Additional inserts seem to be in the 10cent range, but I am sure you could buy a size you would use in bulk for less.


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Yes this is a real tool
The aircraft industry uses them

I bought the air powered rivet nut puller and it makes use of them much more dependable. If you wiggle the tool as you insert them you weaken the hold. Hard to pull a 3/8” nut by hand, the air tool makes very quick work of it. I love mine…

Jeff Eck

I have a basic one at home… I have yet to use it, but I have some projects I’m trying to get back to that riv-nuts will be handy for.