This week at MakeICT 11.2.20

ReMakeICT Tuesday 6-9pm.
Please Come Out!!!

Here’s our list:

  1. Plumbing!

2.Room #1
-continue cleaning adhesive from floor.

  1. ROOM #2
  • scrape windows
    -remove handles and tumble.
    -install base board in closet.
  1. Mens bathroom
    -touch up paint
    -clean up
    -hang paper and soap dispensers.
  • finish ada stall door
  1. Womens bathroom.
    -clean up
    -Finish ada stall door

  2. Room #5
    -scrap windows.

  • rehome /sell 7.5’ cabinet
    -finish paint clean up.
    -working toward stripping and waxing floor.
  1. Finish painting Fab Lab closet

  2. Tsp West hall walls. Prep for prime and paint.

I’m looking forward to another great week of progress!! We are getting there!! Let’s keep things moving forward!!

Put off picking up the long arm quilter for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure I will be there tonight will be there Wednesday and Thursday to work on Textiles.

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Assuming nothing comes up today, I’m planning on being out there tonight!

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CALL FOR HELP this Saturday 11.7.20
I will plan to be there at 9 am

We will be working to strip and finish the south hall way. Please let me know if you are available. We need 4-6 people.

2.painting in west hall.

  1. Removal of duct work in ceramics
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to all that helped!!
-Stripped South Hall and put three coats of finish on.
-Worked on Welcome Center counter.
-Plumbing progress made
-Prep work for electrical. Ie removed duct work.
-Folded fabric in textiles