This week at Booth 9.1.20

Call For Help!!
Today is RemakeICT Tuesday from 6-9.
We are needing help with:

  1. Priming and painting room 2
  2. Painting the closet in room 1
  3. Hanging the bathroom doors.
  4. Finishing the bookcases in rooms 3 and 5.
  5. Refinishing entry doors north and east.
  6. Hang remaing sinks and retro fountain
  7. Sand and prime white board frames, install backer board.
  8. Designing and making ada stall doors
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Call For Help!
Friday from 1-5pm and Saturday 8am-12pm. We need 4-6 people each day to help prep and sew 44 window covering panels for the South hall.
Please RSVP @ladeana @Malissa or

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Paula, I left a small can of white paint for the boards on the shelves by the window in classroom 2. Only the inside and face fo that frame was primed and painted as the caulking was not set. The other two should be ready to sand (smooth down bolt hole plugs) and may need a bit of caulk as the holes were a bit bigger.

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I used a good amount of the polyurethane that we have on the bathroom doors. We will need more to do the entry ways.


I may be running late Friday. Our refrigerator died and they are delivering a new one between 9-12. I have ordered the supplies but the basting spray and starch will not be here until Monday. I have starch to spare but no basting spray.

I will try to remember to bring my adhesive spray

We are planning to work on the window coverings for the south hall. Come out to help Friday afternoon 1-5pm. And /or Saturday. Morning 8–1. Please RSVP This will help with planning
thank you!!!

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Need your help! Here right now at makeict we’re locked out need to get in to get the trimmers

We got in!

Hello All!!
If you would like to come out to paint Sunday or Monday let me know!! I’d love to see Room 2 finished. Dan has agreed to clean the carpet😀 when its done! Next up, we’ll finish painting the hallway and the North entry. Its so exciting to see us moving closer and closer to the finish line. Lets knock this stuff out so we can move forward with the Elec as soon as we are able. Speaking of elec work please reach out to me if you’d like to be one that crew! Thank You Always. YOURE THE BEST!!

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