This Week at Booth: 7-14-20

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Here’s a quick update on some of the things going on at the new building!

(Apologies in advance if I mistag someone. Let me know, and I’ll make corrections.)

:star_struck: Thank you to our many dedicated volunteers for making our new dream home a reality! :star_struck:

If you are interested in lending a hand, please consider coming to one of our Re-Make ICT Tuesdays work nights. There’s always something to do and a long list of tasks that need working on. If you have questions about where you might be able to help, please reach out to @Paula who is coordinating our volunteer efforts:


@SamSchurter and Cooper staining and refinishing the North Entry door. “At our current rate of one volunteer it will only take us another 33 weeks to complete all the entry doors.”

Ed and Darryl move cabinets from the west hall to be installed in Classroom 1. Classroom 1 is the room that used to have a rickety old stage, moldy drywall over the windows, and about 3 working lightbulbs. There has been a significant transformation in that room!

Here we’ve got @sdowens and Ed placing the cabinets into Classroom 1. See what I mean about that total transformation! If you’ve been to the building before, you know what a big change this is.

@Paula, Tom, @ladeana, and @kthutch discuss trimming the joint between the windows and the cabinets in Classroom 3. Classroom 3 is our most complete nearly ready to use room and it’s looking great!

One of the many things we have to do in order to receive our certificate of occupancy from the city is widen the bathroom doors to meet ADA requirements. Here @Woodman is working on modifying the door casing for the women’s bathroom to fit the new width.

Continuing on the bathroom work, @ssaner and Nick valiantly drill into what must be the hardest brick ever made to hang the ADA grab bars in the men’s room. One step closer!

In what he describes as “literally the tiniest of victories” @jpalschauhan got the paper towel dispensers mounted to the walls and working. Every task, no matter how small, is one more step towards opening our beautiful new space!


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