This Week at Booth: 11-16-2020

Here’s a quick update on some of the things going on at the new building!

Thank you to our many dedicated volunteers for making our new dream home a reality!

If you are interested in lending a hand, please consider coming to one of our Re-Make ICT Tuesdays work nights. There’s always something to do and a long list of tasks that need working on. If you have questions about where you might be able to help, please reach out to @Paula who is coordinating our volunteer efforts: .


The east hallway is a dreamy, glistening runway to knowledge! When we first saw this building who would’ve thought how great these floors were going to look! The west hall is on its way, and needs your help to look this good.

The garage storage continues to grow and is looking like a dream come true.

Speaking of dreams, Textiles is coming together very nicely! I know my grandma would call this a wonderland for sure!

Woodshop is looking familiar but not familiar, like one of those dreams you can’t quite remember. A good dream for sure that you didn’t want to wake up from!

The cold Metal Shop is really taking shape! It looks very impressive and really reminds you just how much amazing equipment we have. You really can make just about anything you can dream up in this place.

Remembering the sink situation at the old building is like living a nightmare. The new sink in the ceramics kiln room is one of three new sinks and five total that are most certainly a dream come true.

ERP, FabLab, hot Metal Shop, the classrooms, lounge, welcome center, are all taking shape too. The dream is alive everybody!!!