This week at Booth 10.5.20

ReMakeICT Tuesday 6-9pm
Things are moving along. Many BIG steps were made this last week, but we’re not finished yet. Come help move our project along!! Here is the list for this week.

  1. 4-6 people to work on the plumbing in the west hall. ED, JAI,
  2. Prime both bathrooms in the south hall. The women’s is nearly cut in, thank you to Jacqueline and Aubrey.
  3. Prime room 5
  4. Use floor scrubber in screen print. We’ll seal it once dry.
  5. Wash walls with Tsp in Fab Lab. Get ready to prime.
  6. Shelving In Textile -David
  7. Continued work on tile replacement- Sam
    8.Continue to strip woodwork in the North entry
    I’d LOVE to see 30 volunteers!!!
    **Could use an extra ladder or two, if you have one.
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Hope to see everyone tonight!

Done with shelves in Textiles; I will bring a ladder next week; we will be mowing Oct 17.

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I can be available 10/10 and 10/11 for some work. What do you need and at what times?

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David, thank you for the shelves! They are awesome. They will allow us to
organize our belongings!
You guys have rocked the mowing too!!!
Thank you for offering your ladder. We have lots of painting to do and a
very limited quantity of ladders. This will be a big help! If we have the
numbers we could knock it out relatively quickly.


*****Sat 10.10.20 at 3pm I need 5 volunteers to work with Jai in room #1
removing adhesive from the floor.
******Monday 10.12.20 at 9am I need 5 people to help with cleaning the
carpet in room #2

Additional projects needing help.

  1. Room 5 is ready for primer.
  2. Woman’s restroom is ready for wall color
  3. Men’s restroom is ready for primer
  4. Fab lab is 3/4 the way washed down with tsp. See notes on walls
  5. North entry - continuation of refinishing the woodwork.
  6. boards need routered for the window panels
  7. window frame work ie scrap and paint

We are nearly ready to strip and wax the south hall way tile floor. Let me know if you’re interested in helping with any of the tasks listed!! We’ll make arrangements to get you in the building!! Come help! Nov is just around the corner!!! So So exciting!!


ALL MakeICT members and friends!

Let’s plan on a work day Saturday 10.10.20 I can be there at 8am. Lets work together and move this project to the finish line!!!


Will anyone be at the space tomorrow (Sunday) and what time?