The overly large swingset

The overly large swingset

The grands love swinging so when I asked what playground equipment to build first their answer was a resounding SWINGSET!

so I made a swingset for adults. That will probably last them well into adulthood. All pressure treated lumber and fittings rated to yank a engine out. (Just in case ya know?)

I may need a bit more length on the chain but I have satisfied customers. Maybe a climbing wall on one side…


Looks really nice. And fun.

Rather than longer chains, you might want to bury the legs a couple of feet. It’s even more important with longer chains. If the chains are long enough to get past where the legs are on the ground, there’s a tip over hazard.

My sister and her ex-husband made and installed playground equipment for many years and they learned the hard way that even a well designed and built swingset can tip over in use, and/or be displaced by Kansas storm winds.


I remember my swing set. My Dad dug post holes and put in concrete set the poles in but ours was all metal.

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Maybe drill a hole in it then dig it down, then drive a rebar through the drilled hole… then fill the dug hole…


The one we had as kids was pipe, and pretty wide legs but we could still get the legs off of the ground, on purpose.


Maybe I should leave it as is. That is a childhood memory of mine too. It does give the wife something to watch for. Keep a close eye on dem kids so they aren’t doing that. which means she ain’t looking for me … XD


My dad buried concrete in the ground with big ole eyebolts and wired all that to the swing set. (Mechanical engineer dad :slight_smile: )