The Electronics Executive

To ensure that the new electronics lab has the full input of the members I’m forming the Electronics Executive. Full time members of this committee would be considered assistant leads and we will work together to make sure the electronics lab, and it’s associated programs has what it needs to fully support MakeICT and it’s shenanigans. We will have our initial meeting Monday 6 Jan 1900 (7pm) in the ERP lab after the Bookbinding Board’s meeting.

We will discuss:
What equipment to keep, and what to sell
Space requirements for the new building
Wiki updates
Programs and classes for 2020


I can add this to the calendar in or be morning as well.


No internet except on phone. I can’t use the tool until I’m home on Monday.

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This is exciting news. I plan to attend. I hope to help.

Joe Pajor, KB0KFH

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